A book about looking back towards what is yet to come.

The Retrospectre is a sci-fi thriller that delves into the topics of value and meaning and the discomfort of challenging whether or not we truly have a hold over either. The story takes place in a highly technologically advanced past; a world where 2004 was blessed with sentient AI, advanced robotics, and revolutionary medical advancements along with all the positive and negative implications of each. In dealing with familiar themes and an altered yet bygone history, The Retrospectre hopes to shine a light on the existential threats of tomorrow rather than merely to cast the shadow of dystopia over the unknown. With a rich world and dynamic characters, the story will engage you all while posing questions whose solutions may not be in our favor if we don’t answer them now. Featuring elements of tech-noir, cyberpunk, Afropunk, and retrofuturism, it paints a stylized portrait of a world different enough from ours to be fantastical and yet still familiar enough to be recognizably laden with our current problems.

Book cover - The Retrospectre: The Future the Past Forgot