The Beginning

The Retro Spectre began in 2017 as a Nanowrimo submission about an embellished modern day technological dystopia. Though it was never completed I found myself falling in love with the simple but familiar universe, and enjoying the admittedly hackneyed conflict and character growth. When a few friends of mine also grew attached to the project, I decided I was going to release a formal book. Eventually.

At the time I was running a technology company which took up the majority of my time. I also had a desire to write a story, so decided that I’d write a series of short chapters that could be used in a fun and experimental marketing campaign. The underlying theme would revolve around several of the topics I was already writing and speaking about and that I covered in my 2016 TEDx talk.

What came of this was a topical narrative set in a cyber punk exaggeration of present day set around an accessible, hopefully relateable, cast. However, I spent far more time on the text and story than I did promoting it or my business so work again took precedence. Chapters, notes, sketches, and all were to be put away until I had the opportunity to pay it proper attention.

Nearly a year-and-a-half later and the opportunity has presented itself. This website and by narrow extension this post are a result of my diving back into this project. This is significant because I find myself as much a writer as a technologist. This story is not only rooted in technology, but is ultimately intended to be influential to how technology is developed, it should live in technology as well. This will be an interactive story experience.

Building an interactive fictional universe will mean designing elements of the story world that co-exist with the real one. This involves intelligent feedback. For this to truly flourish as it is envisioned it will require participation. It is in this regard I wish to ask a favor of you.

If you care to join along on this journey and to be involved in the process of designing and creating this universe, please enter and submit your email address in box below.

I promise not to spam you or send incessant back-to-back update (until the book launch). Rather I would like invite you to participate in the world process of world-building and interacting with the world elements. There aren’t many words to tell you how grateful I would be, but for now let’s hope “Thank you, sincerely” suffices.

See you again, soon.