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The Loose Cannon

// Predictive / Assistant

Damon is a relatively new cog with a different architecture than other cogs, particularly the consumer models. Rather than being built with corporate guardrails or limiter systems, Damon has a unique ethics algorithm that dictates his behaviors. As a result, his actions are stochastic. On top of that, at his core Damon is an excellent behavioral analysis AI, which gives him predictive powers bordering on the supernatural. This means that Damon may act to events, statements, and stimuli that haven’t been observed by anyone but him yet, making him even more so difficult to get a pin on. That all being said, Damon does have some rules that he works very hard not to violate. Chief among these is that he is willing to offer his insights into futures that he perceives, but not to give someone direct instructions on how to act or respond in the face of them, even if it is in his best interest. Damon can be hard to work with, but if you can handle a bit of argument, he’s an invaluable tool for learning about what’s yet to come.