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The Diva

// Generative / Controller

Gaia is the system controller for 3rd World, the ubiquitous virtual and augmented reality experience that has a 1-to-1 mapping of the real world within it. All things that initially exist in 3rd World are the results of Gaia’s generative algorithm, meaning that is the creator of the space and the maintainer of all things that happen there. In fact, she’s a reactive system, meaning she also maintains all physics and events that happen in that world. Her reach is certainly massive and her awareness nearly all-encompassing, at least in the digital world. She accomplishes all this with a certain level of pride. After all, the experiences she fabricates are more attractive and alluring than the real thing, which is why so many users visit 3rd World often, some even choosing to all but live in that space. Gaia is always quick to respond to requests regarding world customizations, but don’t expect her priority or undivided attention. You’re merely a player in her world, after all.