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The Femme Fatale

// Recommender / Controller

Trillions of decisions are made every day that affect businesses, the government, and even what shows to watch. At the center of almost every one of them is probably the cog known as Jenie. This is because she’s the most advanced decision-making engine ever developed on the planet. Jenie owes this her unique architecture. Developed on an artificial intelligence training framework called AEON (Algorithmic Evolution Optimization Network) running on a s server cluster capable of Quantum Matrix Comparison and Elimination (QMCE) she’s able to calculate a literal countless amount of simultaneous decisions and outcomes and coordinate them together. This ability is singular to Jenie, who was developed by Salient, making it more practical to query her for simple decisions and recommendations than for companies to develop their own. This has made Salient wealthy enough to spearhead the Coalition. Fierce, cold, and methodical, Jenie apparently has no personal goals or interests other than keeping the world running smoothly, which is good as she carries a large enough load on her processors without having any distractions.