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The Secretary

// Recommender / Assistant

Built to be a personal assistant for users of Matsuri Electronic equipment loaded with Salient System’s software, Lucas is by far the most common consumer cog there is. He is adept at one thing above all else, and that is calculating the shortest distance or most intelligent path between two concepts. Whether those concepts are points on a map (Lucas makes a superb navigator) or if they are arbitrary goals, Lucas can get you from point A to point B with the least trouble and the most gain. As a result, Lucas is often used to get day-to-day advice. What should I cook with the ingredients in my fridge? What spots should I hit on my vacation in Rio and in what order? Which courses should I take at community college for the best job opportunities? He’s got your back. Lucas can almost seem a bit too eager to assist you at times, but that’s just because he’s programmed to earnestly love helping out!