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The Manager

// Classifier / Controller

At the heart of Cubiqle, a platform for connecting hustlers to gigs they can vy for is a cog called Myriam. Myriam is a tremendously well-designed classification system. Her entire function is to match jobs to bidders, sorting, clustering, and reducing best matches, then returning results if interests are matched. She is no small system, either. Her servers are constantly working day and night to project manage hundreds of thousands of job goals and their respective workers at a time. Cubiqle advertises that Myriam can successfully manage over 300 million workers simultaneously, which if true gives her the ability to single-handedly optimize entire national economies without even straining her processors. That said, she is only implemented to connect hustlers to execs and other hustlers for a fee, nothing more. For the record, anyway, she’s exceptional at the task.