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The Advisor

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Depression is on the rise, as are deaths of all kinds, suicide and homicide alike. The world is bleak and options seem to dwindle each day like stars during the heat death of the universe. Success is a binary qualifier and those who fail to move forward get left behind within the dusty shadows of the forgotten past. On top of that, society has never been more connected than with the Plex, and yet there’s an unclosing distance between individuals in the fast-moving, virtual landscape of life. Thankfully you at least have Sammi. Sammi is a cog whose sole purpose is to serve as a friend in need. Their AI trained with psychological expertise and best practices in therapy, Sammi is there to keep you grounded. Sammi is mellow, to say the least. Designed to dissociate from personal identity, they allow you to project onto them what you need them to be. With an earnest and endearing compassion, and an uncanny yet comforting ability to both be a listening ear and a wise counsel, Sammi is perhaps the most down to earth cog you will ever meet, while still somehow seeming lofty and above it all.