Photo by Nick Reynolds from Unsplash

A New Error

At the end of the millennium, mankind had ascended. After years of cold war, the same technology used by the military to communicate secrets and conduct scientific research became public. Now data was available to anyone who had a phone line and a few bucks. This was the dawn of the Information Super Highway, and the tollbooths were cheap. It was a time of prosperity, and it looked like everything was safe beneath the dome of the dotcom bubble. That was until the bubble burst. This let the freaks in. The world was almost destroyed by it and we still haven’t recovered. 

The year is now 2020, and a few of us are trying to keep it together and piece together the fragments of the bubble that once meant abundance for our world. The technologies have long since been fragmented and every powerful corporation in the world is trying to own the whole pie leaving the scraps for the rest of us. That’s where we come in…


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