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Man hard at work at a digital hustle

It’s not easy to survive in this world, especially when there are barely any jobs left. Clockworks have taken over about every decent position, and ever since the layoffs and the mass evictions that followed after, people had to make do by creating jobs for themselves. Enter the hustler. Hopping from gig to gig, they create a means for themselves by squeezing work into every second. Most people find odd jobs here and there to get by, others do small-time crimes to make ends meet. Meanwhile, some start small businesses for themselves and hustle as entrepreneurs. In a crab barrel of desperation, most of these businesses are merely hucksters selling snake oil or providing services to other rinky-dink home-based shops that provide services. Some manage to see success at becoming popular personalities on the Plex and gaining corporate sponsors. The rest have to just be good at what they do and hope to survive the fiscal quarter in a competitive free-for-all where everyone is just trying to make rent. If they truly break ground, however, they might one day join the ranks of the esteemed exec.

Hustler on an odd job gig