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Runner bosses closing a deal

If you want an easy in to the good life, and you don’t have too many scruples about how you get there, consider becoming a runner. Runners include dealers, smugglers, snatchers, and transporters and are responsible for the greater amount of organized crime in the Harbor. Their worth is built on their connections and their access to plugs and sources for the wares they deal in. Mercenary merchants, there is nothing off the table for some of the most ruthless runners, including human lives. Trafficked people are often lost in the flow of underground bustle and disappear to never be seen in the light of day again. That said, while all runners are criminals, not all are necessarily bad people. In this world, it takes a certain level of grit to survive, and sometimes it means getting your hands dirty to make it from day to day.

A thief on the street during a run