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A shaman with a deep and knowing gaze

In a world of technology, shamans challenge the norm by relying instead on technique. Mysterious and exclusive, shamans claim a 2,500-year-old inheritance from a lost civilization in the north of Africa. They call themselves Children of Ayema and speak in their own language amongst themselves. Shamans are transient drifters and generally choose to live on the streets, but due to their sense of community and their various techniques for living among the elements they do fairly well. Regarding commerce, shamans make their money doing fortune-telling, spiritual protection services, facilitating underground connections, and hosting special drug-induced rituals from their culture. Shamans may not be the most powerful group in the Harbor, but their skills and ways make them among the happiest as they thrive in minimalist and holistic ways all but lost to most citizens of this world.

Shamans are recognized by their colorful robes and elaborate jewelry