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A tracer sprinting past rooftops

No one knows excitement in the Harbor like Tracers. These foot traffic couriers run the information highway known as Sneakernet where they specialize in one job above all else: secretly and securely shuttling information from one location to another. Known for their signature purple hoodie uniforms, they are effective at getting things from point A to point B. Letters, data, encryption keys, and contraband are all in the classification of packages of these madcap messengers. Often avoiding surveillance and law enforcement, Tracers became masters of traveling back alleys and rooftops to avoid being followed — at least by anyone that isn’t also a Tracer. They are in high demand as they are amazingly less likely to be intercepted than digital correspondences. Further, their guarantee of confidentiality means they get to charge handsomely for a job no one else can do.

A tracer landing in front of a car