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A vanguard addresses the crowd raising her prosthetic arm

Unrest is part of the status quo, especially in more recent years. Leading the charge toward reform and protection are the vanguards. Strictly speaking, there’s no singular culture to the vanguards except to have a cause and to be loud about it. They are simply champions and can be found on the right or on the left, often with crowds behind them, police beside them, and some political figure in front of them. The riots have escalated since vanguards on either side have gotten more vocal, more vitriolic, and more violent. As a result, vanguards are labels given to enemies of the law, though in actuality left-wing activists are more often targeted by law enforcement and vigilantes than radicals on the right. Right-wing radicals are not without their stigma, though, often being seen as more dangerous in their fervent attempt to preserve the ideals that modernity is rapidly stripping away. To be fair, they aren’t wrong, but neither are the leftist champions. And what else they both have in common is that they are fed up and are willing to burn the system, and each other, down with their rage.

A vanguard shouting demands into a megaphone