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A vigilante aiming a pistol

Law-and-order doesn’t always fall into the hands of the municipal police in the Harbor. Some cases are under the purview of vigilantes, individuals who have taken it upon themselves to protect the city from domestic threats. At first, vigilantes were counter-protestors who were vocally against the riots breaking out at the dawn of the new millennium. Corporations took very kindly to the support since they were the ones being protested and their property was what risked being damaged. By lobbying for their activities, vigilantes soon became corporate lapdogs that get paid handsomely for taking out dissidents who pose a threat to business. They are also given the best lawyers and their detention bonds are always paid in case vigilantes get a little violent or eager. Turns out this is less expensive to the corps than to change business practices or risk paying regulatory fines. Vigilantes as a result are a common sight in most cities, with their distinct street cowboy look and always flashing their big guns.

Motorcycle mounted vigilante on the hunt