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The Cloud

In large or metropolitan cities you can see them drifting on the air, rising and falling from as high as building tops to as low as second-storey signage. The cloud is part of a project to bring Plex access everywhere. Signal amplifying hubs are hung from small, tireless drones that float with the aid of mylar balloons filled with heated air, warmed by a coil on the drone. These floating orbs rise and fall, silently passing from corner to corner in small swarms, boosting Plex mobile access and connection speed as well as bandwidth. From their apex height, the cloud can boost the connection for several city blocks. On occasion, a low-flying cloud swarm on its way to charge will drift nearby dramatically increasing signal strength for a lucky few people for a few moments. Besides their utility, they are an oddly beautiful sight to see for denizens, seeming almost natural and still eerily artificial.