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The Mist

The Mesh operates by turning virtually any connected device into a peer-to-peer client as well as a server creating an organic, ad-hoc network. The cumulative collection of local nodes and access points to the Mesh is known as the Mist. The Mist is not a static network. It constantly moves and changes, with new nodes arriving and leaving in seconds, connecting, providing an instant of service, then disconnecting, or actually roaming from one series of local connections to another. It’s more than fluid. It is vaporous and like a rolling fog before dawn is ephemeral and transient. Mesh access is by specification encrypted and anonymous, meaning that there’s no trace of who passes through the mist. Merely a momentary disruption of bits and packets, an identity-shaped silhouette in the vapor, to be presently erased in the moment of passing with not even a memory left in the wake.