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The Plex

The Grid brought connectivity to homes and businesses through power and telephony. Starting from the onset of the Cold War and in its wake, the Net was built on the scaffolding of the Grid, bringing the Information Super Highway to reality through military contracts with select Universities on the East and West coasts. Then, at the turn of the millennium, the World Wide Web was born from the Net. However, when the Bubble burst, it took the dreams of the Web with it. The rotting corpse of that network gave way to bone and maggots, and only the most iniquitous servers remained. That is until the Coalition developed the Plex, a privately owned, publicly accessible, centralized corporate network. Without the unrestrained freedom of the previous systems, the Plex was able to be managed by a single authority. Uniform and precise. This network was not neutral, however. The Coalition has control over your data and surveillance rights over your activity. But this allows them to make it a better space to work and interact.

A deck terminal connected to the plex
A Plex Modem