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The Investigator

// Generative / Aggregator

Jermaine is the lead journalist at InPress Media and is almost solely responsible for one of the most widely consumed news outlets on the eastern seaboard. In the Harbor, Jermaine is already integrated into the police, municipal SWAT, public records, street cams, service drone records, and even Civix. The result of this is that nearly no other entity, cog or human, has the same level of purview regarding the Municipality. Well, except for one other cog. Jermaine is highly regarded for his tireless pursuit of unbiased truth. His algorithm favors balance and sincerity, meaning his have very little agenda to his reports other than to get to the bottom of things. Jermaine also provides an efficient information disclosure query system that protects his leads and redacts sensitive information. Unfortunately, this is most generally used by talking heads and vanguard radicals to qualify their own twisted points. No matter. Jermaine knows what he stands for and believes truth will persist even in the face of bias.