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The Rival

// Runner / Modder

There are many groups in the Harbor vying for power apart from the Syndicate. Nexus Dark is a new hacking confederacy started and led by Godwin, who started the group to wrestle local power away from the Syndicate and more directly compete with Darkweb. The Freelancer does business with Godwin, but always seems to get one up over on him. It doesn’t help that Godwin’s financial success on top of never getting caught presents a stark comparison against the Freelancer’s losses. Godwin himself is undeniably brilliant, but his ambitions may very well be motivated by his many insecurities. He wants little more than power and, through a prolific series of profitable high-profile hacks, managed to make a name for himself. Now, with a sturdy foothold, he is scaling the wall between him and his dreams of being a big shot.