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The Vengeful

// Vigilante

Barb knew she found a solid gig when she became a vigilante. All of her natural tendencies were well suited for the lifestyle, especially her particularly aggressive, and honestly abrasive, attitude. It all boils down to this: Barb doesn’t very easily tolerate nonsense. So when she tells some vanguard-wannabe punk not to move a muscle and he dares to so much as twitch, well it’s time for him to learn a memorable lesson at the danger end of her rifle. If she is the storm, then her partner Erikson is the calm who brings much-needed temperance to the duo’s dynamic. Let to her own devices, however, Barb makes enemies and holds grudges bordering on spitefulness. None of this takes away from the demonstrable fact that Barb is damned good at her job and a problem for any riot rabble or virtual vandals that are on her list.